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Automated Rebooting of Auerswald Communication System

Original post is here eklausmeier.goip.de/blog/2020/06-02-automated-rebooting-of-auerswald-communication-system.

The wired telephones in my house are connected to a telephone-system from Auerswald. It's Auerswald COMpact 5020 VoIP. This PBX handles VoIP and ISDN. My children make fun of me that I still use landlines, they just use cell phones.

Unfortunately since a couple of months the system no longer is fully reliable and needs constant reboots, for unknown reasons. I deleted the entire call history, in the hope that this reduced storage would alleviate the problem, but this did not help. So I had to automate the reboots. The script below mimics the login-screen and the reboot-screen, as shown below. To figure out the details of the login screen I used the network analyzer of Firefox to see which URL and which commands are sent to the web-server.

Script is:

# Login
curl -s -o AW_Login.html -d LOGIN_NOW=true -d jssupport=true -d timeout=200 -d LOGIN_NAME=admin -d LOGIN_PASS=SecretPasswd -d Anmelden=Anmelden -c AW_cookieJar http://tk/login

sleep 2

# Ask for reboot
curl -s -o AW_Reboot.html -b AW_cookieJar -d reboottimevalue=0 -d rebootpbx=Neustart 'http://tk/updownload?timereboot_PBX=1&reboottime=0'

The telephone-system has DNS name tk. This name is arbitrary.

This script is then run via cron.

Final remark: Unfortunately, even after daily rebooting, the telephone system still is misbehaving on a random basis.

Added 22-Jul-2021: Lukas Dyla asked about rebooting a Auerswald 5200R.

This is a different PBX than mine. He sent me the below link with a solution:

Hallo zusammen,

konnten nun eine Lösung für das Problem finden, „eigentlich“ ganz einfach. Damit die Anlage via cURL neustarten kann, ist folgender Befehl notwendig:

curl „http://192.168.x.x/updownload_reboot_time_pbx?reboot_PBX=1&reboottime=0 1“ --digest -u USER:PASS -v

Viele Grüße!