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The Heraclitus Project

, 1 min read

I just found out about the Heraclitus Project: Heraclitus is an open source suite of Java tools for Semantic Web adaptation. The Heraclitus framework proposes the adaptation of the Semantic Web, based on web usage data. Starting from raw access logs, the users’ online behaviour is modelled and…

Generalized Multi-dimensional Data Mapping and Query Processing

, 1 min read

Rui Zhang, a student at the University of Singapore, made available his Generalized Multi-dimensional Data Mapping and Query Processing software package as a tar ball. I started browsing the related paper (Generalized Multi-dimensional Data Mapping and Query Processing. TODS, September 2005) and it…

A future in IT? Think about IT security!

, 1 min read

Cringely predicts certified security experts will see a rapid appreciation of their value. I agree. It is quite an obvious prediction, but well worth stating in an era where IT experts are often struggling. Can a job in IT security be interesting, be fun? I don’t know. All and in all, there is…

Information Retrieval as Quantum Mechanics

, 1 min read

Through an an interview in seomoz where they happened to mention the Slope One collaborative algorithm algorithm, I found out about this new book which shows that Information Retrieval can be seen as a form of quantum mechanics. Crazy! Using this framework, van Rijsbergen presents a new theory for…

UQAM to launch an ePrint server

, 1 min read

It seems like UQAM is about to launch a university-wide ePrint server. They use the EPrints2 software system.

Paul Graham – What Business Can Learn from Open Source

, 2 min read

Just read the latest article from Paul Graham. This guy is so brilliant, it is amazing. Here are some of his insights: On Business versus technology… It’s a lot harder to create something people love than to take something people love and figure out how to make money from it. About online…

Tim Bray against Web 2.0 “slogan”

, 1 min read

Tim Bray tells us why he doesn’t like the expression “Web 2.0”: It’s not only vacuous marketing hype, it can’t possibly be right. In terms of qualitative changes of veryone’s experience of the Web, the first happened when Google hit its stride and suddenly search was useful for, and…

Met with Michael Stiber today!

, 1 min read

I spent a couple of hours with Michael Stiber this morning. I also got to meet his family. What a nice guy! He was in Montreal for a neural networks conference.

BI is Ready for Open Source – Is Open Source Ready for BI?

, 1 min read

A recent article in DW Review asks whether Open Source is ready for Business Intelligence. There are already some interesting Business Intelligence Open Source tools such as Octopus Enhydra, Eclipse Birt and Mondrian, All of them in Java by the way!!! Add to this MySQL 5.0 with features matching…

Computer Science Eulogy

, 1 min read

Thanks to Suresh, I got to Ernie’s eulogy of Computer Science: This lack of stories is an endless source of frustration for those of us who say Oh Wow! every day. We see power and beauty in computer science, even while we rage against the limitations of the technology that grows out of it. We…