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Programming with lego bricks and code completion

Erlang is a fashionable programming language. The main benefit of Erlang is that it was designed with concurrency in mind. One high profile project based on Erlang was CouchDB. Well, no longer. Damien switched to Java.

Yes. It is a joke.

Nevertheless, some of his remarks are interesting.

Erlang lacks OO programming support, where the main focus is code reuse. Without OO you can’t build software like Lego bricks, mixing and matching and swapping out the parts freely.

It is sometimes amazing how the Lego-brick analogy is popular among… people who have never done serious programming. In practice, OO programming does little to help code reuse.

But the code completion in Java is so damn nice it really makes it easy to produce gobs of code quickly.

If the main problem you are facing as a programmer is to remember the name of the variables and the functions, be worried.