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Can you infer tags from text?

3 thoughts on “Can you infer tags from text?”

  1. didier says:

    http://aida.homelinux.net/wordpress/ gets the tags: itunes, drm, linux, music. My homepage doesn’t mention any of these; I’m not impressed.

  2. Adam Kalsey says:

    Tagyu doesn’t do a great job on home pages because they are “about” too many things. Blogging home pages typically contain several subjects on one page, and that can confuse the tool.

    Tagyu works by finding documents similar to your text and determining how they have been tagged by others. The tags suggested come from the tags on related documents.

    If I send the text of this blog entry to Tagyu, then I get the following tags:

    tools tagging blog tags del.icio.us

  3. Fred says:

    Hi Mr. lemire,

    I think that a part of the problem is the way tags are handled by some systems and not tag in themselves.

    First, if we can consider that tags are the main topics of a digital document (text, video, etc). Then, some tags (between 2 to 8) will describe the meaning of the content of that document. They could be keywords present in the document or semantically related terms in relation with that document.

    This said, systems that handle tags would have to check the meaning, the semantic links, between the tags used to describe a digital document to know what they are really describing.