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Statistics of this Blog: Crossed 120.000 Views

Original post is here eklausmeier.goip.de/blog/2022/09-18-statistics-of-this-blog-crossed-120-000-views.

This blog, including my previous blog at WordPress, has now been viewed more than 120.000 times. Roughly 600 views per month, also see Statistics of this Blog in 2021. This is less than the usual 1.000 to 1.500 views per month on WordPress, see Statistics of this Blog: Crossed 110.000 Views. This discrepancy might have an explanation in that the statistics use different methods. WordPress.com uses one form of statistics collection. On the other hand, the number 600 comes from my script accesslogFilter. This script quite aggressively filters out many kinds of bots and crawlers.

Below charts show views for all accesses to blog/*.

The number 120.000 views comes from previous post Statistics of this Blog: Crossed 110.000 Views, where I had crossed 110.000 views. Now add 10.000 to that, you are at 120.000.

At WordPress, views are now clearly going down:

The top posts for this blog were:

The charts show statistics for the topmost post: Performance Comparison C vs. Java vs. Javascript vs. LuaJIT vs. PyPy vs. PHP vs. Python vs. Perl.

The discrepancy between 600 monthly views for this blog and 1.000 views per month for WordPress can be explained by WordPress still getting traffic and differing measurement methods. Top posts in WordPress were: