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Galleries in Saaze

Original post is here eklausmeier.goip.de/blog/2022/04-22-galleries-in-saaze.

This blog runs using Simplified Saaze. Simplified Saaze now provides galleries. I.e., a set of images all in one place, where you can choose which image to present by pressing on a preview in the caption area.

Syntax is:

[gallery] path /regex/ [/gallery]

path is the path of the directory, where to find images. regex is a regular expression. If this regex evaluates to true, then the image in question in the designated path is included in the gallery.

An example is:

[gallery] img/gallery /IMG_20220401.*\.jpg/ [/gallery]

Above example looks for images in directory img/gallery. Image file names like below will all be selected:

The solution is based on the example given in slideshow gallery. I took particular care to be able to have multiple galleries on a single web page.

Below code:

[gallery] /img/gallery /Montpellier_IMG_2021091(7_140935|9_130147|9_133557|9_143201)\.webp/ [/gallery]

shows gallery as follows:

You can use any image format you want and accepted by browsers. The WebP is particular attractive as the gallery will contain multiple images, therefore the web-page will contain lots of data.