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Statistics of this Blog: Crossed 40.000 Views

Original post is here eklausmeier.goip.de/blog/2016/11-12-statistics-of-this-blog-crossed-40-000-views.

This blog was viewed more than 40.000 times and had more than 30.000 visitors. As in this post, here are the numbers:


All these increases by 10.000 views all come roughly every eight months, see 30.000 (Jan-2016), 20.000 (Apr-2015), 10.000 (Sep-2014). So I kind of have reached a steady-state.

The averages per day are:

views average Day Numbers 2016-11

The development of visits is as below:


Top posts (all time) are:


Statistics since February 25, 2012, most visits come from US and Germany by a wide margin, India has replaced France as third place: