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Dead Keys and Compose Key

Original post is here eklausmeier.goip.de/blog/2013/02-24-dead-keys-and-compose-key.

My mother uses Xubuntu, i.e., she uses Xfce. She uses a German keyboard, but wants to write e-mails with spanish accents, i.e., she needs dead keys. At first I tried to solve the problem with a change in xorg.conf, which did not work. Some Google search revealed that a couple of people had the same problem and proposed various hints for a solution. The easiest solution is, in effect, very simple: Just comment out




If one does not want to change the key settings permanently one can define a compose key, e.g., the left Windows keys, to construct spanish or french accented characters with multiple key strokes, see Xfce forum: How to set XFCE4 compose key?.

setxkbmap -option compose:lwin

This can be put into


See Linux Compose Key Sequences (dead link) for a list of compose key sequences.