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Self-Publishing made easy: Lulu.com

, 1 min read

Somehow, I had missed this: Lulu.com is a website where you can upload your word or PDF document and have your book published, for free, right there. Amazing.

I have had it with Firefox under MacOS

, 2 min read

I have been a Firefox user for at least 4 years now. I generally enjoy the unrivaled flexibility Firefox offers. Firefox can be tweaked in so many ways. As far as I can tell, for standard-based web development, it is the best browser around. It also does pretty well on standard compliance, while…

What? Only 25 MB of storage per core?

, 1 min read

An article in wired tells us that Sun recently designed a crazy computer which will be, for a time, the most powerful computer in the world. It will have 62,976 CPU cores; 125 terabytes of memory; 1.7 terabytes of disk space. It will cost one million dollars per year in electricity bills to keep…

More Funding for Universities Hurts the Economy

, 1 min read

Stephen Downes points us to an article about the apparent negative correlation between economic growth an university funding. Here are some good quotes: Universities, while they’re virtuous institutions … do not necessarily promote economic growth and development, because resources have to…

$450 for 1 terabyte

, 1 min read

Peter is getting one of these new Hitachi 1 TB drives. He remarked: At $450 each, 1 million dollars will buy you 2000 terabytes!

One-million-dollars grant for the ERASME Data Warehouse

, 1 min read

Together with Gilbert Paquette and Petko Valtchev, I received a $1 million grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation to build a Research-oriented Data Warehouse called ERASME. The Data Warehouse will include terabytes of storage and a cluster of powerful machines for high performance…

Slope One in Erlang

, 1 min read

Philip Robinson implemented the collaborative filtering algorithm Slope One in Erlang.

XXL library: an open source Java database library

, 1 min read

I am not entirely sure yet what the XXL library does and why it is important, but it felt important enough to blog about it. It seems to be a library allowing one to build custom database engines. Here’s the summary from their web site: XXL is a Java library that contains a rich infrastructure…

My philosophical interests

, 1 min read

My friend Dan recently asked me what philosophical questions interested me. Here is my answer. What is knowledge, what is information? Can knowledge be captured and represented formally? Why is English (or other languages) not evolving toward greater formalism, but rather evolving toward greater…


, 1 min read

Unacomputer. Computer that can run in a shack using mostly solar power or other off-the-grid power. (A reference to the fact that the unabomber lived in a shack.) Source: Owen.

Value Investing News is using the Slope One collaborative filtering algorithm

, 1 min read

It looks like Value Investing News has turned to Slope One for its recommender system. Here are the features they support: You can spot the recommendations engine in action when you click on the Recommendations tab at the top of the page. You can also find it in action when you click on other…

Angry Lemur

, 1 min read

I am looking for the coolest Lemur picture I can find (and reuse). Here’s the best I could find so far: (Source: guppiecat)