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, 3 min read

I just became aware of the Attention.XML specification. The goal of Attention.XML is: How many sources of information must you keep up with? Tired of clicking the same link from a dozen different blogs? RSS readers collect updates, but with so many unread items, how do you know which to read…

American site leaks Jean Brault testimony

, 1 min read

According to the Toronto Sun, an American website breached the publication ban set forth by the Gomery commission (follow the wikipedia link if you don’t know what this is about). AN AMERICAN website has breached the publication ban protecting a Montreal ad exec’s explosive and damning…

Inexpensive ubiquitous mass storage is closer than you think!

, 1 min read

I started using Google Mail (GMail) last year because I want to be able to read my mail from everywhere, all the time. Google offered me 1000 MB of free storage and one of the greatest user interface for a mail client. Oh! Did I mention it has nearly perfect spam filtering, without any effort on my…

Lupy: Python Lucene

, 1 min read

Update: See PyLucene instead which relies in Java Lucene. Some crazy folks ported the famous search engine Lucene to Python and the result is called Lupy! Lupy is a is a full-text indexer and search engine written in Python. It is a port of Jakarta Lucene 1.2 to Python. Specifically, it reads and…

The fate of reduce() in Python 3000

, 1 min read

I learned from Will that Guido is taking out functional programming functions from Python About 12 years ago, Python aquired lambda, reduce(), filter() and map(), courtesy of (I believe) a Lisp hacker who missed them and submitted working patches. But, despite of the PR value, I think these…

Top obesity researcher was a fraud

, 1 min read

Seb reports on the case of a top obesity researcher from the University of Vermont who was fabricating data to get millions in funding and write impressive papers. “Some colleagues speculated that Poehlman buckled to an exaggerated perception of the pressure to publish papers and win grants to…

Research is a form of art

, 1 min read

I was chatting with Yuhong and Martin; both are among the best researchers I know. One thing leading to another, we began to wonder whether we knew how to do research… and to answer this question, you need to ask what research is… I think research is a form of art. Or maybe art is a form of…

Are you an IT-empower worker or an old school worker?

, 2 min read

Harold has a good post on what knowledge workers want. I’m turning it into a test… see in the table below whether you an IT-empower worker or not… I score 4 out 4 as an IT-empower worker. old school worker IT-empower worker I can’t find anything. I can find most things. I get what…

Technological singularity

, 2 min read

Interesting: I just read the Technological singularity entry. Firstly, it interesting because Wikipedia is a free-for-all encyclopedia, but the entry is really high quality and, secondly, the topic of a technological singularity is fascinating in itself. In futurism, a technological singularity is…

Delicious Linkbacks

, 1 min read

From Downes’, I got to Delicious Linkbacks. It is a bookmarklet allowing you to know how bookmarked the page you are visiting. It works! It is simple! I like it!

Jython Webapp Tutorial

, 1 min read

I missed the beginning of Sean McGrath’s Jython Webapp Tutorial This tutorial is aimed at Java Webapp developers interesting in investigating the benefits that dynamic typing in general and the jython programming language in particular, can bring to web application development. If you have to…

What will be the next Web? A prediction

, 4 min read

Gutenberg’s printing press was a major technological advanced that made it possible for the (initially quite rich) commoner to publish affordably. Books became affordable “soon” after and knowledge could spread further, faster and more accurately. The Web has had comparable effect: it allows…

A blog strike closer to home

, 1 min read

A blog is really about being yourself, or at least, feeling at home. I think that people who really get into it are people who really manage to create a home for themselves. My blog is really much more my home than my stupid home page. A home page is more like a front… it is what my home looks…