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Generating arrays at compile-time in C++ with lambdas

3 thoughts on “Generating arrays at compile-time in C++ with lambdas”

  1. Nice, looks like one of the patterns we’ve ended up developing and using all over in the Carbon toolchain!

    If you’re looking at any of the Carbon toolchain, always happy to chat / answer questions / etc on our Discord (or via email). Cheers!

  2. Todd Lehman says:

    This is really cool!
    It doesn’t sound like memoization to me, though. I think this is just an ordinary lookup vocabulary an immutable table (albeit an optimized one in the case of a bit-test instruction). Memoization is about caching values as they are discovered and requires the use of a mutable table to cache the newly discovered values over time.

    1. Nathan Myers says:

      Right, this is more akin to what they used to call “dynamic programming”.