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How many billions of transistors in your iPhone processor?

In about 10 years, Apple has multiplied by 19 the number of transistors in its mobile processors. It corresponds roughly to a steady rate of improvement of 34% per year on the number of transistors, or a doubling every 2.5 years. In real dollars, an iPhone has roughly a constant price: the price tag of a new iPhone increases every year, but it does so while tracking the inflation. Thus you are getting ever more transistors in your iPhone for the same price.

processor release year transistors
Apple A7 2013 1 billion
Apple A8 2014 2 billions
Apple A9 2015 2 billions
Apple A10 2016 3.2 billions
Apple A11 2017 4.3 billions
Apple A12 2018 6.9 billions
Apple A13 2019 8.5 billions
Apple A14 2020 11.8 billions
Apple A15 2021 15 billions
Apple A16 2022 16 billions
Apple A17 2023 19 billions