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Science and Technology links (April 15 2023)

  1. Some university professors include ‘trigger warnings’ in their course material, to warn students that potentially disturbing content may be encountered. According to Birdgland et al., the research on the effectiveness of trigger warnings suggests that not beneficial, the triggers themselves cause anxiety.
  2. Switching 12% of the global livestock from pigs and chicken to ruminants (e.g., cows) could reduce nitrogen emissions by 2% and greenhouse gas emissions by 5% (Cheng et al., 2022).
  3. Lonely individuals are more likely to have original views.
  4. In a clinical trial consisting mostly of older women, the supplement urolithin A improved muscular endurance. You can buy urolithin A on Amazon in health stores.
  5. Future mothers who are exposed to higher levels of lithium might be more likely to have autistic children.