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What is the size of a byte[] array in Java?

Java allows you to create an array just big enough to contain 4 bytes, like so:

byte[] array = new byte[4];

How much memory does this array take? If you have answered “4 bytes”, you are wrong. A more likely answer is 24 bytes.

I wrote a little Java program that relies on the jamm library to print out some answers, for various array sizes:

size of the array estimated memory usage
0 16 bytes
1 24 bytes
2 24 bytes
3 24 bytes
4 24 bytes
5 24 bytes
6 24 bytes
7 24 bytes
8 24 bytes
9 32 bytes

This is not necessarily the exact memory usage on your system, but it is a reasonable guess.

Further work: A library such as JOL might provide a more accurate measure, according to a reader (Bempel).