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Escaping strings faster with AVX-512

When programming, we often have to ‘escape’ strings. A standard way to do it is to insert the backslash character () before some characters such as the double quote. For example, the string

<tt>my title is "La vie"</tt>```

<tt>my title is \"La vie\"</tt>```

A simple routine in C++ to escape a string might look as follows:
  for (...) {
    if ((*in == '\\') || (*in == '"')) {
      *out++ = '\\';
    *out++ = *in;

Such a character-by-character approach is unlikely to provide the best possible performance on modern hardware.

Recent Intel processors have fast instructions (AVX-512) that are well suited for such problems. I decided to sketch a solution using Intel intrinsic functions. The routine goes as follows:

  1. I use two constant registers containing 64 copies of the backslash character and 64 copies of the quote characters.
  2. I start a loop by loading 32 bytes from the input.
  3. I expands these 32 bytes into a 64 byte register, interleaving zero bytes.
  4. I compare these bytes with the quotes and backslash characters.
  5. From the resulting mask, I then construct (by shifting and blending) escaped characters.
  6. I ‘compress’ the result, removing the zero bytes that appear before the unescaped characters.
  7. I advance the output pointer by the number of written bytes and I continue the loop.

The C++ code roughly looks like this…

  __m512i solidus = _mm512_set1_epi8('\\');
  __m512i quote = _mm512_set1_epi8('"');
  for (; in + 32 <= finalin; in += 32) {
    __m256i input = _mm256_loadu_si256(in);
    __m512i input1 = _mm512_cvtepu8_epi16(input);
    __mmask64 is_solidus = _mm512_cmpeq_epi8_mask(input1, solidus);
    __mmask64 is_quote = _mm512_cmpeq_epi8_mask(input1, quote);
    __mmask64 is_quote_or_solidus = _kor_mask64(is_solidus, is_quote);
    __mmask64 to_keep = _kor_mask64(is_quote_or_solidus, 0xaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa);
    __m512i shifted_input1 = _mm512_bslli_epi128(input1, 1);
    __m512i escaped =
        _mm512_mask_blend_epi8(is_quote_or_solidus, shifted_input1, solidus);
    _mm512_mask_compressstoreu_epi8(out, to_keep, escaped);
    out += _mm_popcnt_u64(_cvtmask64_u64(to_keep));

This code can be greatly improved. Nevertheless, it is a good first step. What are the results an Intel icelake processor using GCC 11 (Linux) ? A simple benchmark indicates a 5x performance boost compared to a naive implementation:

regular code 0.6 ns/character
AVX-512 code 0.1 ns/character

It looks quite encouraging ! My source code is available. I require a recent x64 processor with AVX-512 VBMI2 support.