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Science and Technology links (December 19th 2021)

  1. Becoming a physician increases the use of antidepressants, opioids, anxiolytics, and sedatives, especially for female physicians.
  2. When trying to reproduce results in cancer researchers, independent researchers find that the benefits are typically grossly exaggerated.
  3. A large planet has been found orbiting two suns. It is orbiting from very far away.
  4. NASA sent a probe in the atmosphere of the sun.
  5. As you age, you accumulate old (senescent) cells. These cells are dysfunctional and in sufficient quantity might cause harm to your body such as chronic inflammation. Researchers found a plant-derived compound (procyanidin C1 or PCC1) which can not only limit the harm due to senescent cells but also eliminate some of them. It is so beneficial that treated mice live longer.