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Science and Technology links (October 23rd 2021)

4 thoughts on “Science and Technology links (October 23rd 2021)”

  1. Charles Bedell says:


    Are other countries seeing this same result? It might be that it is increasingly difficult for individuals in the lower percentiles to find the strength to try to improve in our modern society. Personal traits such as “work ethic” and pride in individual achievement are under attack, excuses for failure are proliferating and the personal consequences of failure are being diminished by things like the undermining of achievement based standards for everything from college admissions to at work promotions and “free” stuff from governments. Some even advocate unconditional payment of a “living wage” as a “Right” for all.

    1. I believe that these results are specific to the US but it could be interesting to see what happens in other countries.

    2. Champok Das says:

      Do we have any data to support this sentiment? I’d believe this if drop-out rate is also increasing.

      I do see the attitude being common, along with apathy and a general disdain for education in younger people (at least at the US high school level). I think that we’ll have more to talk about whenever NAEP releases more info (looks like it’ll be in 2028?).

      1. The drop-out rate is falling: https://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=16