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Science and Technology links (October 16th 2021)

  1. The thymus is an important component of our immune system. As we age, the thymus degenerates and our immune system becomes less fit: emotional and physical distress, malnutrition, and opportunistic bacterial and viral infections damage the thymus. New research suggests that practical thymus regeneration could be closer than ever. The thymus is able to repair itself and the right mix of signals could convince it to stay fit over time.
  2. It appears that women use sexual vocalization during penetration to increase their sexual attractiveness to their current partner by means of boosting their partner’s self-esteem.
  3. People associate creativity with effortless insight and undervalue persistence. If you just sit down and work hard, you can generate many new ideas. If you just wait for ideas to come, you will generate far fewer ideas.
  4. 63% of faculty perceive that their university does not care about the content of their publications, only where and how much is published. Such a culture can easily lead to people producing work that passes peer review but fails to contribute meaningfully to science or engineering.
  5. Redheaded women are more sexually active than other women because men are more likely to approach them with sexual intentions.