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Working in virtual reality

2 thoughts on “Working in virtual reality”

  1. Martin Cohen says:

    I am not a touch typist, so keyboard problems seem to be the big hold up in the use of VR.

    What seems to me to be necessary is a way of detecting where the fingertips are so that they can be shown with either a real keyboard or a virtual keyboard. This seems to apply some sort of gloves or even a Band-Aid type stick on which goes over the fingertips. Using some sort of capacitive device like the cards which let you into doors that I’ve used in the past might be usable since otherwise power might be a problem.

    Once the fingertip location problem has been solved, then we have to decide between a physical and virtual keyboard. Virtual would be easier to initially implement since we could just have a virtual keyboard with a location locked in space so that when the fingertips move they move relative to the keyboard. I don’t know whether an actual keyboard would be easier to implement.

    1. Martin Cohen says:

      I don’t seem to be able to edit my comment. Anyway, apply should be imply.