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Science and Technology links (July 31st 2021)

2 thoughts on “Science and Technology links (July 31st 2021)”

  1. Vincent Bernat says:

    The original paper title for the 319 TB/s paper is “319 Tb/s Transmission Over 3001 km With S, C and L Band Signals Over >120nm Bandwidth in 125 μm Wide 4-Core Fiber”. So, it’s “terabits/s”, it’s not over the Internet, it’s not even using IP. It’s still an achievement, but for layer 1 transmissions. The article you mention now says “terabits”, but this may have been corrected in the meantime.

  2. David Fetter says:

    Nuclear energy is awesome.

    You already have it in the form of CANDU, and I hope your governments, both provincial and federal, wise up to this and start building CANDU plants in quantity. Nearby Ontario is already “the France of North America” in the sense of producing the lowest-carbon-emitting energy in the hemisphere, mostly via nuclear.

    The problem with the fusion energy space is that you can pick a year going back at least 50 and find similarly extravagant claims that it’s just around the corner. At some point, absence of evidence really does turn into evidence of absence.