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All models are wrong

3 thoughts on “All models are wrong”

  1. Roman Leventov says:

    David Deutsch disagrees with this. He says that there exist ultimate “truths” (=models) not just in science, but also in art and history.

    I really want to read “Constructor theory of information” where he should say something about it, but haven’t yet.

    That said, personally, I disagree with Deutsch, and agree with the statement that “all models are wrong”.

    1. I should clarify that it should not follow from my post that I believe that there is no objective truth.

      What I believe is that the humain brain is incapable of capturing or encoding this truth in its entirety. We are doomed in that sense.

      1. jld says:

        No, there is no objective truth because there is no “objective reality” (no ding an sich) there are only models of reality from various observers, none of which is “true” of course.

        What passes for objective reality is a rough intersubjective consensus of many observers about their models.