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Science and Technology links (March 6th 2021)

  1. Increasing schooling does not improve social outcomes at a population level.
  2. Venitian glass was made near Venice as early as 450 BC. It spread worldwide through trade. Venetian glass made its way as far as North America. We have now determined that it was present in Alaska before Christopher Columbus. We expect that it came there through Asia.
  3. Chinese researchers have carried on genetic manipulation on monkeys, giving them a human gene. It could be that the monkeys become smarter as a result.
  4. Ocean heat may have a limited effect on marine glaciers.
  5. Genetics determines most social outcomes, based on historical outcomes.
  6. Endurance exercise may improve cognitive function.
  7. Fewer people are having strokes.
  8. Video game play is positively correlated with well-being
  9. Parkinson’s may be linked to having too much iron. It is relatively easy to lower someone’s iron store.