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Science and Technology links (August 29th 2020)

4 thoughts on “Science and Technology links (August 29th 2020)”

  1. Christopher Chang says:

    Re: birthday cake candles, if you place candles so that they trace the age’s digits, that has the necessary logarithmic scaling (though the constant factor is a problem on the low end…).

  2. Dominic A Amann says:

    Re: mortality – there seems to be no connection between the diseases studied and the specificity of the drugs studied. Were any of those drugs specific to those diseases?

    1. Antibiotics are generally not designed for specific diseases.

      1. Dominic Amann says:

        Well sure, and there are some interesting diseases there that are not affected. For example, 3 of them are related to streptococcus – so perhaps that is a resistant bacteria. Then a few of the diseases are not often life threatening, so one shouldn’t expect much statistical change (such as scarlet fever)., and others tend to run their course very quickly (gastro enteritis) and so antibiotics may have little time to change the course of illness. Typhoid is interesting, as it is caused by a type of salmonella – and many salmonella variants are known to be highly drug resistant.

        So perhaps we do need to pay attention to which drugs are indicated for which illnesses? After all, the study showed a reduction in mortality for septicemia, syphilis and non-meningococcal meningitis. Septicemia was a serious problem in wartime – we just don’t have as many war casualties as we used to.