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My kindergarten story

6 thoughts on “My kindergarten story”

  1. Thank you. I had similar experiences, mostly during elementary school years though.

  2. Alecco says:

    That sounds like memory problems, not cognitive ones. And we have an industrialized education system based on memorization. East Asian systems are even worse, though. I wonder how many great people were failed with all this nonsense.

  3. Doug Hall says:

    My standardized test scores suggest I can’t feed myself. I didn’t teach myself how to learn until college. School doesn’t work well for some people.

  4. Matthew Fernandez says:

    Very relatable. To this day I do not remember the quadratic formula and resort to proving it from first principles when I need it.

  5. Anne says:

    Im a Kindergarten teacher. This post reminds me of individual differences, and the importance of respecting children where they are at, how they learn or figure things out which can be different from how I do things

  6. peter says: