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JSON parsing: simdjson vs. JSON for Modern C++

JSON is the ubiquitous data format on the Internet. There is a lot of JSON that needs to be parsed and validated.

As we just released the latest version of our fast JSON parser (simdjson), a reader of this blog asked how it compared in speed against one of the nicest C++ JSON libraries: JSON for Modern C++ (nlohmann/json).

We have not reported on benchmarks against “JSON for Modern C++” because we knew that it was not designed for raw speed. It is designed for ease-of-use: it makes the life of the programmer as easy as possible. In contrast, simdjson optimizes for speed, even when it requires a bit more work from the programmer. Nevertheless, it is still interesting to compare speed, to know what your trade-off is.

Let us run some benchmarks… I use a Skylake processor with GNU GCC 8.3.

file simdjson JSON for Modern C++
apache_builds 2.3 GB/s 0.098 GB/s
github_events 2.5 GB/s 0.093 GB/s
gsoc-2018 3.3 GB/s 0.091 GB/s
twitter 2.2 GB/s 0.094 GB/s

Thus, roughly speaking, simdjson can parse, validate a JSON document and create a DOM tree, at a speed of about 2 GB/s. The easier-to-use “JSON for Modern C++” has a speed of about 0.1 GB/s, so about 20x slower. As a reference, we can easily read files from disk or the network at speeds higher than 2 GB/s.

Link: simdjson.