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JSON parsing: simdjson vs. JSON for Modern C++

5 thoughts on “JSON parsing: simdjson vs. JSON for Modern C++”

  1. degski says:

    Thanks, for posting this.

    That is well a mega difference, very impressive. I’m just using it [nlohmann/json] for some settings and some data from the web, so speed is not relevant, but if it got to be relevant for another application, I’d definitely look into simdjson.

  2. degski says:

    vcpkg has simdjson in its repo (for those that did not know).

    1. We are working toward releasing version 0.2 on vcpkg.

  3. wmu says:

    Daniel, you wrote “[JSON for Modern C++] is designed for ease-of-use: it makes the life of the programmer as easy as possible. In contrast, simdjson optimizes for speed, even when it requires a bit more work from the programmer.” As a programmer I never used simdjson, but have some experience with nlohmann/json and I’m wondering how difficult to use your library is.

    1. We support a conventional DOM traversal as well as JSON pointers. Our DOM tree is immutable.

      Please try it out!