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Science and Technology links (June 22nd 2019)

    1. An implemented chip can improve long-term memory. It is currently impractical, but a start-up company will try to bring this technology to market.
    2. Never before so many simultaneous and distinct new approaches have been in development in the history of drug research.
    3. Once more, we have evidence that exercise can rejuvenate your muscles.
    4. After controlling for sun exposure and other factors, sunscreen neither causes nor prevents skin cancers. Sun exposure itself is associated with fewer cancers and better cardiovascular health. Of course, increased sun exposure is also associated with an increased rate of skin cancers. Yet the association is relatively modest, e.g., living all day under the sun probably does not double your risk of skin cancers (while it has other strong benefits). Note that there are other benefits to sunscreen than cancer prevention.
    5. Fast food is most popular among the upper-middle income brackets.