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Science and Technology links (December 29th, 2018)

4 thoughts on “Science and Technology links (December 29th, 2018)”

  1. ccn01 says:

    Suddenly dont feel so bad about Russia testing nukes in their arctic islands and bit of fallout spreading over to us in Lapland!

  2. Oren Tirosh says:

    The Japan bombings provided a large sample of people exposed to varying radiation doses that could be estimated quite accurately by distance from ground zero. Analyzing this information with a simple linear model provided a quick, temporary and conservative upper bound on the effects of radiation that enabled setting up a framework for nuclear worker safety.

    It then became set in stone. No further analyses to determine effects at lower doses or long term exposure vs. a single large dose. No critical analysis or challenge for many decades.

  3. Christian Jauvin says:

    You don’t provide a lot of context about your McGuff and Little quote, but it has sparked my curiosity.. Is it solid science in your opinion, and have you been experimenting with it yourself?

    1. McGuff and Little have an entire book dedicated to supporting this claim and they have lots of scientific references. I have provided many related links on this blog over time.

      Yes, I have adopted this technique myself, with good results. I train for about 20 minutes a week. I am fit.