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Science and Technology links (August 10th, 2018)

7 thoughts on “Science and Technology links (August 10th, 2018)”

  1. It has long occurred to me that unions are misplaced in public service. They should be mandatory in private workplaces beyond a certain size, and forbidden for government workers.

    This would force government to pay and occupy workers competitively, while at the same time allow them to hire and fire as necessary (within reason – competitively speaking people wouldn’t want to work for an employer that is simply capricious).

  2. Further: perhaps there should be mandatory public service – including choice of military and any other public sector work. All 18 year olds who do not take tertiary education, and all graduates of tertiary education would be screened for suitability and work a minimum of 3 years for government before departing for the private sector.

  3. alecco says:

    The PURE study is highly controversial. In any case, it’s good to keep blood checked frequently. Good luck with the diet.

  4. KWillets says:

    Going by the abstract, that first study is for fire activity in general, not just forest fires. MODIS doesn’t discriminate by cause.

  5. Mark S says:

    >> it is hard to find political parties supporting such a mix of values [low social conservatism and high economic conservatism].

    It’s called libertarianism. In Canada, it’s libertarian.ca, who’s led by Tim Moen, who used to think getting into politics is evil (like many libertarians do).

    Tim Moen himself says there’s no chance of his party winning in elections (at least in the near future), but he’s doing this to spread the value of libertarianism/voluntarism/non-aggression principle.

  6. Derek Jones says:

    It’s not just psychology researchers who are not interested in what happens to their data. In fact many researchers in computing don’t care if their data does not outlive the laptop that it is stored on:


    1. 32% sounds great! It is a lot more than I would expect.