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Science and Technology links (July 6th, 2018)

  1. In the United Kingdom, only a tiny minority of high school female students take computer science (0.4% in 2017). Physics is ten times more popular.
  2. Russians once drilled a 12-km deep hole. Apparently, it gets very hot as you dig deeper.
  3. Deep neural networks can detect myocardial infarction in electrocardiography (ECG) better than the state-of-the-art. In clear: artificial intelligent can find out whether you are having a heart attack with high accuracy, assuming that you are wearing the right sensors.1. Drinking coffee, even lots of it, is good for you.
  4. Every year, more and more research papers are made freely available online. Sadly, in most fields, it is still a tiny minority of the published research. The net result is that if you are not affiliated with a university, it is hard to have access to the latest research.1. Spiders can fly over long distances.
  5. Aspirin might help keep Alzheimer’s at bay (speculative)
  6. Viruses might trigger Alzheimer’s (speculative).
  7. Stem cells helped a bit to improve the outcome after a heart attack in macaque monkeys.