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Introducing GapminderVR: Data Visualization in Virtual Reality

2 thoughts on “Introducing GapminderVR: Data Visualization in Virtual Reality”

  1. Sagar says:

    Have you tried any A/B tests with a non-VR version? My money is on the non-VR version. The problem with VR doesn’t seem to be technical feasibility but the lack of any killer app.

    1. We have not done user testing (yet).

      I agree that we lack killer apps… but these need to be built by people… they don’t grow on trees… and you need to cross the technical threshold for them to be possible… we are getting there technically… so it is time to work on the apps!

      Regarding testing… I don’t think it is so easy to do something like A/B testing. These are really different artefacts. It is nothing like just changing the layout.

      Finally, before you conclude on a pessimistic tone, I’d really like you to get into a headset and try our demos. If you are in Montreal, ping me!