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Science and Technology links (January 19th, 2018)

2 thoughts on “Science and Technology links (January 19th, 2018)”

  1. Mr. Daniel I’m enjoying reading your truth. I’m a student took a small break didn’t do well due to sisters illness which caused me to undergo a set back thinking about my parents and I shut down from school fro several months Became a electrical Engineer From ITT before they closed one of the Last graduating Class of 2016 but before entering in school ive always had prior knowledge of the technical world as it has exploded into the main stream of this life but I just wanted to let you know who you’ve contacted and I enjoy speaking with the future, at any time and once I’m done I’m going to continue reading, I do understand coding, java, and some others, right I have a strong hold on Q- Physics and I thank you for reaching out. speak with you soon Mr. Alphonso Tolbert.

    1. interesting in the last understanding of your page I’m from that family mentioned and true to that 8 siblings all five fit what you have stated but the last three today in my family are more successful then the five before myself and a twin pair under me but we learned from strong guided parents who watched and paied close attention to our life growing up in Detroit, MI in the 60s so as you might know ive been and seen some things most
      haven’t.you are a scientist of the facts of life, I like that! I do a lot of research on life I have journals of information which is the key to Overstanding not Understanding. are these facts based on self research or findings by general people never pick up a book or listen to other people feelings.