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Personal reflections on 2017

7 thoughts on “Personal reflections on 2017”

  1. Great points, however, it sounds weird that teleconferencing doesn’t work for you. Our family’s personal experience that nowadays, meeting in person for work-related matters is mostly a waste of time. Video quality isn’t always great (although it can be pretty good unless you use Skype), but it is mostly unnecessary. Also, a lot of matters can be resolved in writing (e-mails, ticket systems, etc).

    1. You and I have never met, not even in videoconference. Objectively, we have done great work together. We have been productive. And so forth.

      So this supports your point. But you are refering to a context where we don’t need videoconferencing in the first place.

      I’ve a lot of bad videoconferences this year where I am convinced things did not progress nearly as much as they should have.

      1. Right, I could have mentioned this: we didn’t even teleconference.

  2. Borislav Iordanov says:

    “Great solutions are often based on simple ideas that are executed with care.” – my favorite quote from your post!

    I enjoy your posts a lot. I appreciate their conciseness and their informativeness, their lack of fluff and plain common sense. I recently moved (back) to Montreal and am contemplating joining a Tribalab lunch 🙂

    1. What kind of work do you do Borislav?

      Yes, tribalabs are open to all.

  3. Kendall Willets says:

    I bought a Surface Pro for my daughter, and it’s turned out surprisingly well. The killer app for her was drawing with the pen, but the PC features are undiminished.

    1. I was going to get a Surface Pro this year, but this was a group purchase and one colleague did not feel like a Surface Pro could be a reasonable “primary device”. So I ended up with an XPS 13 which is my primary (Windows) laptop. (I could have insisted on getting a Surface Pro, but the XPS 13 felt like a good purchase.)

      I am not a fan of the XPS 13 and, as it turns out, none of my colleagues like it. It is Dell’s flagship laptop, but it is not good. It took me forever to find fixes for its bugs. My colleagues gave up, in part because of the bugs.

      I wrote a review of the XPS 13. I can’t quite nail it, but I still don’t like it.

      I should disclose that I have an Apple laptop (a regular macbook) and I am not a fan. The keyboard is something of a catastrophe for me.

      I am currently frustrated with all my devices. Would I feel better with the Surface Pro? Maybe. But it does not feel like a good tablet:

      Ironically, where the Surface Pro 4 falls short is that “tablet” part, not because of the hardware but as the result of an ecosystem that is light on the kind of apps that make a great tablet. (ZDNet)

      I am still looking for a great laptop.

      Thankfully, I can now say that, in truth, I am happy with all modern operating systems. Things like Windows Vista were just bad. Windows 10 is fine.