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On Blade Runner 2049

2 thoughts on “On Blade Runner 2049”

  1. Antonella says:

    Wow the review is really nice. I heard good reviews about the movie but your review made me to watch the movie. Yes, it was really nice. It is not available in theaters so I had to watch it on my movie app Tea Tv (May be useful to other to watch the movie)

  2. Griffin C says:

    An interesting perspective. I particularly liked your thoughts towards the end on the similarities between mortality and data corruption, it did certainly seem that the film was leading us to ponder that connection. I also really liked the choice of the Feynman quote you included; it could practically be included at the start of the film and feel correct. If you haven’t played it, the 2014 video game Wolfenstein: The New Order featured a character who was obsessed with the lack of distinction between loss of consciousness and death alluded to by reasoning similar to the Feynman quote to the point where she would never willingly sleep (just pass out when the caffeine wears off, as I have this morning). Just a connection I made that I thought was interesting.

    All in all, a great review of a great movie.
    Keep up the great work!