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Science and Technology links (July 21st, 2017)

6 thoughts on “Science and Technology links (July 21st, 2017)”

  1. Federico says:

    The main difference between those two pictures of Jeff Bezos is that the right one has the money to afford a personal trainer, a gym inside his mansion, a personal chef / nutritionist, and a stylist.

    1. You will find plenty of very rich men in their 50s who look nothing like Jeff Bezos.

  2. Yaswanth Raparti says:

    Are you sure that connecting a million of core i-9 X series computers can achieve exascale computing speed? What about the communication bottleneck?

    1. I was not being serious per se, I just wanted to give an idea of where this puts us.

  3. James Sun says:

    Thanks for the great post! Are you sure the shortage is due to Etherium and not Bitcoins (and its new fork, bitcoin cash)?

    The Jeff Bezos pic was cool.. something like the Obama after 8 years.. but it took Jeff 20 instead of 8.

    Lastly, was hoping if you could visit and include something from this tech blog: https://GadgTecs.com (for e.g the article regarding cognitive computing OR bitcoin cash)


    1. Could be, but it would not change how crazy it is.