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Science and Technology links (April 7th, 2017)

7 thoughts on “Science and Technology links (April 7th, 2017)”

  1. Olio says:

    Just pointing out a few spelling mistakes, no need to publish this comment: “software run faster much faster” and “t share their incentives.”

    Very readable link posts you have btw, even more interesting than Alexander Scott has.

    1. Alexander Scott? Do you have link?

  2. Olio says:

    He is considered a “leading” rationalist writer/thinker. Somehow thought of you as belonging to this school of thought as well. He regularily posts the same type of link posts with short explanations as you do. Actually I believe you might find his blog interesting.


  3. Franta Polach says:

    Good read as usual.
    How do you research the information for these posts?

    1. I mostly rely on Twitter and Google Scholar.

  4. David says:

    “Multiple sclerosis is a terrible degenerative disease. There is no therapy right now that can even slow the progression of the disease. However, there is renewed hope as a new drug, ocrelizumab, seems to do just that. ”

    In your mentioned topic: “There is no known cure for MS, and many existing treatments only partially reduce symptoms, and don’t necessarily halt disease progression.”

    Please don´t write about topics you don´t have any clue about. Your statement is just – completely – wrong and by people like you prejudices are increased.
    There are like – dozens – of therapies which achieve that and even more.

    Thank you very much!

    1. @David

      Reducing symptoms is one thing, reducing the progression of the disease is another. Currently, for a wide range of degenerative diseases, we can affect the symptoms, often make them disappear for a time, but the disease keeps on progressing, getting worse year after year. Short of curing these diseases, we would like to at least stop them, so that they no longer get worse over time. We often cannot do this, with the current state of our technology.

      by people like you prejudices are increased

      I don’t think my blog posts encourage prejudice.

      It is dangerous to let people believe that some condition is essentially resolved and that we no longer need to worry about it. We need to stress the challenges so that we can encourage further research.