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The technology of Logan (2017 Wolverine movie set in 2029)

Last night I went to see Logan, the latest and maybe the last Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman. The movie is set in 2029. The year 2029 is an interesting choice, as it is the year of the story “Ghost in the shell”, made into a movie featuring Scarlett Johansson and coming out later this year. So we shall have to sci-fi movies representing the year 2029 this year.

Writing stories about the near future is always a bit daring because you are sure to get most things wrong, and people will soon find out how wrong you were. So how does Logan represent the year 2029?

  • To my eyes, fashion, cosmetic, clothes… all appear unchanged from today.
  • People still read newspapers printed on paper, comics printed on paper.
  • People carry pictures printed on paper.
  • Augmented and virtual reality are nowhere to be seen? There are no smart glasses, no enhanced hearing, no smart displays.
  • Though people very much drive their own cars and trucks, and they have not changed very much, self-driving tractor trailers are ubiquitous on the highway.
  • Slot machines in casinos are unchanged.
  • TVs and remote controls look the same.
  • Inexpensive mobile phones look very much like they do today. We charge them up with cords, as we do today. They have cameras that are no better than what we have today. People send “texts” like they do today. A phone call works like it does today.
  • It seems that the Internet and computers work exactly like they do today, no progress or notable change.
  • Computerized artificial limbs appear to be common. So if you lose a hand, you can get a metallic replacement that looks to be as good as a “natural” hand.
  • Drones that look like the drones we have today are used for surveillance. It is unclear whether they are more advanced than the drones we have today.
  • Artificial human insemination using collected DNA (i.e., without sperm) is possible.
  • Large farms are automated, with giant metallic beasts taking care of the fields.
  • We grow genetically engineered corn that looks much larger than any corn I have ever seen.
  • It does not look like governments can track people using satellites.
  • We can grow entire human bodies (clones) in vats.
  • Convenience stores are still manned by human clerks.
  • In 2017, we have giant digital screens on the roadsides displaying ads. They are still around in 2029 but look brighter to my eyes.
  • In the movie, Professor X (Charles Francis Xavier) is suffering from some form of dementia, probably Alzheimer’s. In 2017, Alzheimer’s is basically incurable and untreatable. It looks like there is no cure in 2029. However, the main character (Wolverine) gets some medication that appears to help manage symptoms.