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Tech jobs are already largely automated

2 thoughts on “Tech jobs are already largely automated”

  1. jld says:

    We no longer need many people to write C data structures,

    Yes, up to the point that almost no one can figure out what the actual layout of their data will ACTUALLY be (it IS identical to “some” C data structure(s) one or more) and how it will impact performance.
    Just ask a Haskell programmer to predict the memory usage and run time of his program. 😀

  2. Alejo says:

    Interesting discussion.

    But as a veteran programmer I see most of the industry wastes time with the wrong tools, wrong architectures, an the worst of all: wrong abstractions.

    There are way too many languages and libraries. It’s all driven by popularity and funding. Like in music, more often than not what is popular is quite poor quality.

    The root of this problem is the decision process is driven by emotional humans who are not aware enough of their cognitive limitations. We are like chimps using wheelcarts, bumping into each other and hurting ourselves once in a while.

    I predict once the industry figures this out there will be a drastic crunch of programming jobs. And only the best will be able to adapt to this change.