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Faster dictionary decoding with SIMD instructions

4 thoughts on “Faster dictionary decoding with SIMD instructions”

  1. Paul Masurel says:

    Hi! Do you think this instruction be used in a search scenario, to gather matching docs “docvalues” (for scoring, or aggregating statistics).

    1. Yes, it definitively can be used within a search engine.

      1. Paul Masurel says:


  2. I did not realize that Intel had improved the gather performance in their latest processors. I have a few things I wanted to try speeding up with gather but since it wasn’t any faster than sequential loads in Haswell I’d shelved those ideas. The most straightforward one is a base64 decoder that uses a 65536 entry lookup table to lookup 8 groups of 2 bytes at a time and decode that into 12 bytes of output. Not sure if it’ll be faster than a conventional decoder but it’s probably worth testing.