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Augmented reality becomes mainstream

2 thoughts on “Augmented reality becomes mainstream”

  1. jld says:

    LOL, yes, given the current state of the “real reality” we are in dire need of an augmented/fabricated reality.
    Well, as long as the “real reality” doesn’t blow up your arse or the headset/smartphone battery doesn’t die at least.

  2. Arren Brandt says:

    I can’t wait. I’ve never forgotten the idea of using different AR powered “Scapes” introduced to me by Greg Egan.
    One character is running the “Orbital warfare” scape while going about his day to day routine work, whenever he glances skywards massive space crafts go about battling it out with lasers, nukes, nuclear propulsion and all that, all seamlessly integrated to the normal sky. Other people are running “Dino-mode”, how about a T-rex or a Diplodocus lazily passing by your office window every now and then. I can’t wait to change from todays boring “reality-scape” 😉