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Virtual Reality: First impressions with the HTC Vive

4 thoughts on “Virtual Reality: First impressions with the HTC Vive”

  1. You are one of the lucky that don’t get sick from using these. I wanted to say “lucky few” but actually it might be much more than a few, maybe half of everybody don’t get sick. As for myself, I’m basically pale in the face and need to go lie down (or throw up) after five minutes of any fast-paced VR game with much rotation and/or acceleration.

    1. (…) any fast-paced VR game with much rotation and/or acceleration

      From my trials so far, I have not managed to get myself sick… but this took me somewhat by surprise as I was expecting problems.

    2. Mathieu Bosi says:

      Sickness may also depend on how good (or badly) a VR game is designed. For example accelerations are a big no-no…
      As a matter of fact, there are many guidelines that have been and are being defined as the medium gets more and more explored.
      See for example: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/intro-vr/latest/concepts/bp_intro/
      Developers have to get creative to find ways to avoid sickening their users. An example: some games use a “portal” metaphor / way of interaction to allow the user to move in the world, and precisely to avoid accelerations and sickening movements.

  2. Greg Linden says:

    Nice! Sounds promising!