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Beyond the PC toward virtual and augmented reality

4 thoughts on “Beyond the PC toward virtual and augmented reality”

  1. jld says:

    You will came to regret the PCs that YOU actually own, doing business (virtual or not) on someone else computers will bring hazards and misery.

    1. Most of us are a bit beyond this point. Most of our computing has already moved to the cloud (email, networking, pictures…).

  2. yash says:

    even though it sounds fancy, VR is only for fun. I cannot imagine working 8 hours straight wearing a gadget to my eyes. May be some form of 3D holographic monitors like they show in movies are much needed than some occulus rift like gadget that turns humans into wall-e like creatures. sad but true!

    1. @yash

      The current VR goggles do not look like they could be worn permanently for office work. So we need better technology…