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My most popular posts in 2015… (part I)

One thought on “My most popular posts in 2015… (part I)”

  1. Peter Turney says:

    My vision of the future is one where most people own far fewer physical goods.

    Google imagines a future in which we don’t own cars. Self-driving taxis will replace car ownership. In Seattle, many people rent bikes. There are bike rental stands scattered around the city. I rent movies and music from Amazon and Netflix, paying a subscription fee for streaming. I imagine a future where we don’t own things; we rent them. This cellphone is my fourth cellphone. The previous three cellphones did not break, they simply became out-of-date. It doesn’t make sense to own a cellphone when it will be obsolete in a year.

    Yes, goods and services are moving into the cloud and becoming less tangible, but there is a parallel and related trend away from ownership and towards rental and subscription. Companies prefer rental and subscription, because it gives them a steady revenue stream, instead of a bursty stream.