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What a technology geek sees when traveling abroad

5 thoughts on “What a technology geek sees when traveling abroad”

  1. Charles Wells says:

    I am with you about the general progress that has been made in travel. One negative thing you did not mention is that the seats on planes have become much more cramped compared to twenty years ago. When I flew on a long flight a few months ago (to England) that was by far the worst part of my experience.

    There are big differences in US airports. Some of them have excellent wifi and lots of electric sockets, and some don’t.

  2. Ilia Minkin says:

    > It is becoming standard to get free Internet access at the airport. They also include power plugs at convenient locations.

    Not in United States!

  3. @Ilia

    Yes, and you can still too easily find unbearable coffee in the US. I am not quite sure how the US relates to progress.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You won’t need power plugs. Electricity is in the air, not only tonight.

  5. @Charles

    Several airlines offer extra leg room for a modest fee.