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A simple trick to get things done even when you are busy

3 thoughts on “A simple trick to get things done even when you are busy”

  1. Mike Stiber says:

    I find it distressing to try to do “serious work” in half-hour chunks. That’s just enough time to get started’ and then you need to stop. I prefer to block off a big chunk of time, go into hiding with all the stuff I need to do my task (including food), and then not stop until my neck is numb. Yes, I now have a bad neck.

  2. @Mike

    Of course, long uninterrupted work sessions are much better, but when you have a busy schedule, holding out until you get such a break can mean forgoing your important work altogether.

  3. Sérgio Pereira says:

    This is psychology. If you wait for a 2 hours “break”, most likely you won’t find it and you get frustrated. If you are modest and wait for half an hour, you will find it more often and, eventually, when it runs out, you find that what you planned to do next wasn’t that urgent. Then you keep with your task for maybe just another hour. So sometimes you end up with an unexpected 1.5h break, which is rewarding.
    Also, small chunks mean that you may work on the task more than once a day. The time lapses in between might give good insights, and even the task itself might keep in your mind’s background, as if you were unconsciously working on it.