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Punk money: how you can print your own currency… legally

5 thoughts on “Punk money: how you can print your own currency… legally”

  1. Itman says:

    Gee, you need a reputation to make famous people read your paper. It will probably more efficient than random reviewers, but not everybody would get access to the system. A peer reviewing journal is more egalitarian with this respect. You are getting a free lawyer. She may be not so good, but she is free.

  2. Carson Chow says:

    Isn’t this called bartering?

  3. @Carson

    It is a credit system, not barter. Barter assumes no trust between the individuals. Credit is founded on a trust mechanism.

  4. Sepp says:

    Thanks for making sense of punk money. You might want to add that the whole system is twitter based. You spend and receive promises by tweet.

    The creator of punk money is Eli Gothill of


  5. @Sepp

    Thanks. As I wrote, I think someone ought to write a Wikipedia article for it.