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Where do debt, credit and currencies come from?

4 thoughts on “Where do debt, credit and currencies come from?”

  1. Adam Hyland says:

    Greaber had some good followup commentary in a blog post on the subject. I think his book is important not just in terms of setting the history of money/debt straight but also in exposing flaws in methodology which gave rise to our misguided thoughts on money. I had a few comments on the subject on my blog a while back:


    The long and short of it is our idea of money preceding debt flows from a willingness to engage in thought experiments about transactions rather than examine the historical record.

  2. Ioana says:

    Communism is a myth. A very dangerous one.

  3. @Jean-Lou

    Please see my post “Where does innovation come from?” which is my review of the “Rational Optimism”.

  4. I would suggest reading “Rational Optimism” (Matt Ridley): the very topic of this blogpost is discussed in this book.