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What the Internet wants me to read (summer 2011)

4 thoughts on “What the Internet wants me to read (summer 2011)”

  1. @disgruntledphd As you have realized the “by” indicates the person who made the recommendation and not the author. 😉

  2. disgruntledphd says:

    erm, Slaughterhouse Five is written by Kurt Vonnegut (and is amazing)

  3. disgruntledphd, the names following the titles are the people who recommended them.


    Great list of recommendations! I second the recommendation for Gödel, Escher, Bach if you haven’t read it yet. Logicomix and The Information are already on my reading list, but I’m bookmarking this page for future reference.

  4. disgruntledphd says:

    whoops, my bad. Godel Escher Bach is indeed worth a read, apart from some tortured analogies between code and DNA.