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Social Media is subversive, but maybe not how you think

9 thoughts on “Social Media is subversive, but maybe not how you think”

  1. (…) even within an order of magnitude that’d be massive unemployment.

    Yes. And the crazy thing is that much of the capital seems attracted to Facebook… where it will probably not be translated into new jobs.

  2. Paul says:

    An interesting caveat is that middle management was an important source of middle class jobs: you could work your way into a good salary somewhere in the depths of a corporation and put your children through college. Efficiency doesn’t “shrink” the pie, there’s still productivity to go around, but I wonder how easy it’ll be to find new jobs for the bureaucrats of the world.

    Facebook is valued at $40B, let’s say that’s inflated and go with $10B. Wikipedia tells me the market cap of all publicly traded companies is around $50T, to make up a number let’s say publicly traded market value only makes up 10% of total economic value, so $500T total. Dividing it out, it looks like if every company was as efficient as Facebook, we’d have enough jobs today for 100 million people. That’s not enough for America, never mind the world!

    You can certainly debate the appropriateness of Facebook as a stand-in, etc., but even within an order of magnitude that’d be massive unemployment.

  3. @Martin

    I am flattered that you translated my post.

    I also encourage you to adopt a Creative Commons license for the translated content. The idea is to explicitly allow others to reuse your content as well (the same way you reused my content).

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  5. Hi Daniel!
    It’s a very good analysis the one you’ve done here!

    I’m here ‘cos a friend ask me to translate your text to Spanish.

    Hope it doesn’t bother you. It’s on my personal blog (http://tinchog.blogspot.com/2011/02/las-redes-sociales-son-subversivos-pero.html) and it has a permanent link to the original article.

    If you see that theres something wrong with it, please let me know. And even if you want me to take it off of the site, I’ll do it.

    Once again, hope it does’n bother you.

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  6. @Daniel
    Well, thanks!
    And… what should I do to adopt that license??
    I’m kind of naive about licenses. I’m also going to read about it.

    Once again, Thanks!

  7. Done!

    Thanks Daniel

  8. Oussama Moursil says:

    I like your post. It is a coherent analysis like the rest of your blogs. I would like to translate it to french if you permit so.

    What do you think, Daniel?


  9. @Moursil

    We are getting a bit off-topic, but yes, anyone can translate this blog. This is all very flattering, but I do encourage people who do so to use a Creative Commons license however.