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A Simplified Open Publishing Manifesto

Bill Gasarch is proposing a manifesto on Open Scholarship. What a great idea! Imagine thousands of researchers openly agreeing on practices making research more effective! We could change the culture of scientific research without having to convince publishers or funding agencies.

To keep the ball rolling, here is my version:

  1. Whenever you publish a paper in a conference or journal, post it on your website or on some appropriate archive (such as arXiv). In particular, a____s soon as you submit the final version to a conference it should go on online.
  2. Post improvements and revisions to your work. Should you spot a mistake in one of your older research paper, revise it and post the result online!
  3. If you give a talk, then post the slides online.
  4. Make it easy for other researchers to get automatic updates when you post new content. (If you use arXiv, it comes for free if you claim an arXiv user ID.)

Further reading: Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities and Toward author-centric science